Bottom view of a spray

Lateral view of a spray

Isolated view of a single spray

Probability of

Jet Presence

Pictures treated with



  • Penetration
  • Plume angles
  • Volume, symmetry
  • Probability of jet presence
  • Isolated jet capture, analysis
  • Opening delay
  • Etc…

Over the past two decades, the personnel at Beacon Dynamics have provided advanced measurement and analysis, control and simulation systems and services to the world’s leading companies in the automotive, aerospace and defense industries.


Whether it’s understanding vibro-acoustic phenomena, developing simulation systems to reduce field test times and development costs, we’re more than developers. We’re specialists in mechanical dynamics using and providing similar tools and services every day.


Extra value comes from our people who know your business and are part of your team. There are no repeated learning curves, and no need to integrate new people or teams. Our long-term knowledge of your business and strategic needs helps manage risk, reducing costs and improving outcomes.

Through EFS, advanced services for common rail and other injector spray plume and droplet measurement and analysis (can be combined with shot-to-shot rate and mass flow) measurement!

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