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Sensor interfacing electronics are taken for granted!  But today it is this part of the measurement chain where new focus can reduce test time.  Beacon Dynamics specializes in interfacing sensors and signals to test equipment and PCs.  Ease of use is provided to permit fast set-up and calibrations.  With a variety of portable and rack mount chassis and 2 families of sensor modules from one company, we look forward to solving your application requirements.

Ever Want to set up and calibrate a bridge amplifier in seconds?


How about 8, 16, 32 or 128 channels simultaneously?


Our low noise, linear SX500/SGA02 module provides programmable


  • Gain
  • Autobalance
  • Excitation (2 levels)
  • Counter Voltage
  • Calibration Shunts
  • Output Filter



32 channels

for less than

$1000 / channel!



The SX500 Product family is fully programmable offering full automation!


GUI software is available for operations and a command server for developers.


The M500/FBD01 Filter Bank can stand alone or be combined with the SX500 or M1000 families






to provide adjustable filters at economical cost.


Traditional style, but with set-up through a unique control and monitoring station.






 Channels can be selected and calibrated by inserting signals, adjusting zero/span and sensor excitation.







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