SX500 Information - Input Modules Specifications


Dual Channel Strain Gage Amplifier with Calibration Shunts


The SGA02 Signal Conditioner is a two channel programmable strain gage amplifier with electronic auto-balancing.


The compact design provides as many as 32 channels of computer controlled strain gage conditioning and filtering in a compact SMF07 Chassis.  Each channel of signal conditioning consists of a precision programmable instrumentation amplifier, output filter, transducer excitation, an auto-balancing circuit and three steps of programmable calibration shunts.


The balance counter voltage may be programmed on or off to study longer term effects.


Period/Frequency to Voltage Conditioner

The FVC02 offers a wide ranging, highly accurate module to simplify the measurement of speed variations, fuel and air flows and other phenomena measured with "pulse" output sensors.


It is programmable to function as a frequency, period or counter to voltage convertor and offers a B channel gate input.   The digital design provides long term stability and the ability to adjust response and accuracy to provide overall versatile performance.


Most important for obtaining meaningful dynamic measurements is that the output response of the FVC02 is as fast as the input.  Sensor excitation and special triggering algorithms provide additional flexibility.



3-Decade Programmable Universal Active Filter


The XFM82 is a versatile, 8 pole filter that combines sharp roll-off and low noise to provide an excellent analog input section for precision 12 and 16 bit data acquisition applications.

 Programmable filters are available in many models (Elliptic, Butterworth and Bessel) to cover all frequency response requirements.  The elliptic filter design also provides excellent linear phase response characteristics for balanced performance in both time and frequency domain studies.

The filter card can be provided with optional signal conditioning for integral electronic sensors and a calibration signal switch.  The channel to channel phase match specification holds for modules at different gain levels and includes effects of Fc accuracy.



Dual-Channel Filter with Programmable Filter Shape

The EFM01 is a two-channel, precision 8 pole filter that offers selectable elliptic, Butterworth and Linear Phase filter characterisitics enabling use for both time and frequency domain measurements. Input gain, output signal scaling, and AC/DC coupling are programmable selections. Optionally available is a differential input and sensor voltage or current excitation/power.


With 2 channels per module, and the programmable filter shape, the EFM01 is a programmable filter system that is both economical and a space saver.



Isolated Precision Gain Amplifier


The PGA02 Precision Gain Amplifier provides high resolution programmable gain to attenuate or amplify a voltage signal.  This module accepts a single-ended or differential input and provides a floating or grounded output to eliminate most common-mode voltage problems between sensors and measuring systems.


The module includes a programmable switch to select a calibration input or the measurement input.   Additional signal conditioning for integral electronic sensors is optionally available.


Isolated Charge and Voltage (or I.E. Sensor) Amplifier

The APC05 is a programmable charge amplifier designed for general purpose and shock applications.  It offers (5) charge amplifier sensitivity ranges to achieve low noise performance and a voltage gain stage.


Excellent signal response time performance is provided for transient applications.  Sensor power and signal conditioning for Integral Electronic Sensors is available as an option.  A programmable insert voltage (sensor + cable) switch is included for calibrations.


IES01 / IES02

Quad Channel Integral Electronic Sensor/Voltage Conditioner


The IES01 and IES02 are respectively a four or two channel 100 kHz bandwidth Integral Electronic Sensor and voltage input programmable amplifier.


The basic SMF07 chassis can provide a compact, programmable 64 channel IES sensor conditioner and voltage amplifier system for large dynamic range and frequency bandwidth measurements.


Low noise performance makes the  IES module an excellent choice for 16 bit A/D applications.  High compliance voltage enable wide dynamic range measurements with long cable runs.


Dual Channel Programmable Temperature/Voltage Amp

The THC03 Signal Conditioner is a 2-channel, isolated amplifier with high resolution programmable gain for a wide range of thermocouples and RTD.  This amplifier includes a programmable low-pass filter, built-in cold junction compensation and a linearization circuit for each probe.


Calibration is automatic at power-up, each time the setup is changed, or on request.  Voltage and quarter bridge strain gage inputs are also accepted.



2-Channel LVDT and Strain Gage Amplifier Module


Dual-Channel linear variable differential transformer and strain gage module amplifier. Compatible with a wide range of RVDT/LVDT t convert transducer mechanical position to a voltage with a high degree of accuracy. It can also be used with half or full strain gage bridge and provide an AC excitation voltage to eliminate errors caused by thermocouple effects and noise. The synchronous demodulator of the SGA03 module is programmable from 100 Hz to 1 kHz and is followed by a programmable low-pass filter to remove carrier frequency, noise and DC drift.


An internal calibration of the module can be made on request by a programing sequence of two steps. The first step defines the output zero with the programmable offset adjustment and the second step defines the output full range with the synchronous demodulation gain. In GAGE mode the calibration is made with two 0.1 % resistors. In LVDT mode the calibration uses two LVDT reference positions to give the same result.





M500 / FBD01 Filter Bank

The M500/FBD01 channel filter can stand alone or be combined with the Syminex SX500 family of Programmable Analog Conditioners to provide high performance at economical cost.  It provides 16 channels of signal filtering in a compact chassis.  The FBD01 provides a 24 dB/octave butterworth output filter with 5 switchable cut-off frequencies.  The filter achieves excellent noise and crosstalk performance.


 Connection options are a multi-pin input connector with BNC outputs or vice versa.  The Syminex BNC2000 Remote BNC Connection Panel can be utilized with the multi-pin connector.



-  Coupling

-  Voltage range

-  Voltage range

    w/o damage

-  Impedance

-  AC Cut-off frequency

-  Connector



-  Coupling

-  Rated range


-  Short circuit duration

-  Noise

-  Offset

-  Connector



AC (Single-ended)

+/- 10 V peak linear

+/- 25 V peak


(1µF + 1 Mohm) // 30 pF

0.32 Hz, at - 3 dB

BNC (Multi-pin SubD-37 optional)



DC (Single-ended)

+/- 10 V peak linear

(2 kohm // 1nF load)


< 30µV rms from DC to 100 kHz

+/- 5 mV max.

Multi-pin SubD-37 (BNC optional)


-  Function

-  Roll-off

-  Selectable c/o freq.

    (at -3 dB)


-  Cutoff freq. accuracy

-  Amplitude accuracy

-  Amplitude match

-  Phase match

-  Harmonic distortion


Low-pass, 4th order Butterworth

24 dB/octave

0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10 kHz, bypass (std.)

50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 Hz, bypass (opt.)

others upon request

+/- 2%

+/- 0.5 dB (1 Hz to 0.8 Fc)

0.2 dB max (1 Hz to 0.8 Fc)

2º max (1 Hz to 0.8 Fc)

< 0.05% at 500 Hz,

1 Vrms for Fc = 10 kHz


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